• VTMs are intended for collection and transportation of Viral Specimens from the Suspected Individuals.
  • BGX-VTM Designed for safer transportation of Viruses, Bacteria & Fungi for IVD Purposes.
  • BGX-VTM kit also contains suitable swabs for Nasopharyngeal & Oropharyngeal.
  • Authorized by US FDA for emergency use and validated by ICMR, India.
  • Design and validated as per CDC guidelines.


Easy Collect | Stable transport | Long preservation

  • Available in Ready to use viral transport kit
  • Antibacterial and antifungal agents prevent bacterial and fungal contamination
  • Phenol red pH indicator ensure specimen collection integrity
  • High-absorbency swab tip. Avoids drying up of the sample
  • 3ml VTM media allows multiple tests on the same specimen
  • Safe, spill proof, stand up tubes with distinctive internal conical shape enabling centrifugation of Samples
  • Offers flexibility in transport temparature ranging from room temperature to 2-8 0C stable
  • Safe and reliable swab breakpoint. Rapid release and Dispersion of patient sample material and Virus particles during Vortexing


Individually sterile packed nylon swabs for convenient nasopharyngeal,
nasal & tracheal sampling

Ordering Information
Available as bulk and complete ready-to-use kit in DNAse/RNAse free vials for maximum security

ProductCat. No.Pack Size
BGX-VTM50 Vials X Each with 3ml VTM media + 50 Nasal + 50 Oral Swabs