InGenuityD designs, develops, manufacturers and commercializes comprehensive Covid-19 related diagnostic products. We believe InGenuityD’s products greatly contribute to the collective fight against the Covid-19 pandemic – potentially augmenting the COVID-19 testing capacity to millions that is comparable to the gold standard RT-PCR.

InGenuityD’s Design and Development Objectives for Covid-19 Diagnostics Solution

Mass screening and mass availability

Competitively priced for mass screening and mass availability

Fast, easy testing

Fast, easy testing to support mass testing

Easy adoption

Steep learning curve for laboratory and professional staff

Conserve Resources

Multiplex assay to detect to conserve resources

High Accuracy

Bring out robust high sensitivity and specificity tests

COVID-19 RT PCR I kit Overview


• Qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2
• One-step Multiplex Real time RT-PCR
• Primers and probes based on dual regions of N-gene – design prescribed by US CDC

• Analytical accuracy of 7.5 RNA copies per µL
• No cross-reactivity with other respiratory viruses
• Highly specific and sensitive

• Provides all reagents required for PCR
• Provides positive control with extraction
• Assay Time: 90 mins after extraction
• Compatible for real time RT-PCR
instruments with multiplex channels

• Specific detection of SARS CoV-2
nucleocapsid (N1 & N2) gene
• Limit of detection (LoD): 7.5 RNA copies per µL
• No cross-reactivity with other respiratory viruses
• Simple workflow

• BGX Taq Enzyme Mix
• BGX Master Mix
• BGX Primers & probes
• Nuclease Free Water
• Positive Control

• Nasopharyngeal swab specimen
• Oropharyngeal swab specimen

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BioGenex Viral Transport Medium (BGX-VTM)


  • Available in Ready to use viral transport kit
  • Antibacterial and antifungal agents prevent bacterial and fungal contamination
  • Phenol red pH indicator ensure specimen collection integrity
  • High-absorbency swab tip. Avoids drying up of the sample
  • 3ml VTM media allows multiple tests on the same specimen
  • Safe, spill proof, stand up tubes with distinctive internal conical shape enabling centrifugation of Samples

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