BioGenex Viral Transport Medium (BGX-VTM)

For collection, transport, maintenance and stable storage of Virus

  • VTMs are intended for collection and transportation of Viral Specimens from the Suspected Individuals.
  • BGX-VTM Designed for safer transportation of Viruses, Bacteria & Fungi for IVD Purposes.
  • BGX-VTM kit also contains suitable swabs for Nasopharyngeal & Oropharyngeal.
  • Design and validated as per CDC guidelines.
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Saliva Collection kit

  • Enables Saliva as alternative specimen instead of painful Nasal Swab
  • Easy patient sample/ home collection
  • Facilitates RNA extraction step elimination
  • Enables simpler testing process: Mitigate shortages of highly skilled lab technicians
  • Get faster test results